Friday, October 27, 2006


(c) David Lawrence Singer 2006 - Ink on Paper

I finished this piece some time in October 2006. The inspiration came mostly from the various books I have been read over the past couple of years on the Stock Market. In particular , the inspiration came from the study of Stock Charts and technical analysis. I also wanted to do sort of a paneled composition resembling a computer monitor with a number of open windows.

The left hand window depicting a "chart", is bordered on top with a Greek design. This classic design is tweaked into a spiral which has significance given that the golden spiral is derived from the "Fibonacci number sequence." The truth is that I have always been in love and influenced by ancient culture in general and use it for inspiration.

The price on the chart is depicted in candle-stick form. This mode of depicting the price action of a given stock or commodity originated in the rice markets of Japan a few centuries ago. The price moves in a wave from lower left to upper right. Enduring a series of ups and downs until the final breakout with the top of the candlestick sporting a flame and expanding out of the confines of the chart. Surrounding the price are two standard deviation bands known as Bollinger bands. Also I have drawn in some trend-lines connecting points along the price action. These elements are added in order to reflect some of the techniques used by technical analysts in their charting.

The chart itself was rendered with a grid structure. This gives it a geometric component as well as allowing for further levels of texture. Plus because of the time consuming nature of drawing the grid it was somewhat meditative as well as being a way of enhancing the "reality' of the chart. In the top left corner of the chart is a square with an image inside. This figure can represent the person experiencing and analyzing the chart. Of course, in my work this figure is autobiographical, but can represent anyone. This guy has glasses and a beard and is gazing out with a steadfastness of purpose. Maybe this is an idealized representation of myself. The beard has a Celtic knot symbolizing the cycles of energy and interconnectedness of the markets and life in general.

On the bottom of the chart is a series of Fibonacci numbers. These numbers are found throughout all aspects of the world including the financial markets. Apparently it is through these numerical patterns and relationships that the unmanifested manifests itself in manifold and ever-changing forms.

In the right window is another version of my "spiritual emblem". All of my usual components are there except the "eye flower" is resting on top of a somewhat Aztec or Mayan style pyramid. This is the balance to the left side. However, the main message is that even in the apparently material pursuit of tracking the financial markets for the hope of monetary gain, there are numerous lessons and understandings that can be gleaned which give insight into the spiritual world. In the book of Ezekiel(1:14), it says "the holy living beings run and return" This phrase come from the Prophets vision of the "heavenly merkavah" and is considered to contain a high degree of esoteric significance. It is my contention that, you can see this run and return in all aspects of the physical world, most notably in ECG readouts and in stock market price charts. Always moving up and down back and forth, truly the rhythm of LIFE. Perhaps this Biblical quote was expressing the concept of "mean reversion."

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